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Life in Japan To get up-to-date with the latest electronic goods available in Japan visit you should visit Akihabara News daily. Akihabara is the name of the "electronic town" in Tokyo where you can find any electronic materials. This site is made by a french team but translated in english and japanese. If you like Japanese animation, plastic figurines, and asian idols, then you are may be a qualified "Otaku" to visit the page of Danny Choo. If you want to go around in Tokyo or even entire Japan the best way is probably to use trains. The train network is very efficient and dense but it may look confusing for a novice who doesn't speak Japanese. Jorudan provides a train route finder you can use in English.

Learn Japanese (for French) I would like to advise the French (native) speakers who desire to learn Japanese to visit the CrapulesCorp webpage. They will find dictionaries, texts, and various informations about Japanese language and culture. Here is a very convenient kanji dictionary. Kanji can be searched by their teaching level, their key, and by other kanji they "look-alike".

Cartoons I enjoy the editorial cartoons of Clay Bennett, specially the ones that made him won the Pulitzer price cartoons in 2002.

Deviant Art Visit the site of Jason Levesque, the Stunt Kid. Don't miss his art book: "Girls are pretty". Check some nice arts on the Acid Twist's gallery. Enjoy to turn the pages of the DQ Books. Let you be seduced by the pictures of Kirsten Ulve. Be sure to visit her caricatures gallery.

Thanks to ... I want to thanks Andreas Viklund who designed the nice template I used to build this page. This template and many others are freely available on his webpage.