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I have given more than 558 hours of courses and supervised works at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, the Institute of Technology of Nice Côte d'Azur, and the Temple University in the following domains:

   Computer Science and Information Systems (192h) - Undergraduate
   VBA programming (20h) - Continuing education

2004 - 05
   Operating systems (48h) - Bachelor degree
   Computer architecture & assembler (48h) - Bachelor degree

2003 - 04
   Distributed programming and software engineering (16h) - Master degree
   Software architecture and distributed computing (10h) - Master degree
   C language & tools (14h) - Bachelor degree
   Java language (26h) - Bachelor degree

2002 - 03
   C language & tools (26h) - Bachelor degree
   Java language (26h) - Bachelor degree
   Unix Systems (33h) - Undergraduate

2001 - 02
   Internet (42h) - Undergraduate
   Office automation (27h) - Undergraduate

2000 - 01
   Algorithmic and Programming (30h) - Undergraduate

I supervised student research works:
   Conception of a generic API for reliable multicast protocols - Master degree
   3D engines: state of the art (libraries, algorithms, tools, etc.) - Bachelor degree

I supervised student engineer internships (as academic supervisor):
   Web services systems for geographical information - Master degree
   Data bases 'Planet' for studies scheduling - Master degree

I also co-supervised several internships in my research projects.

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