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Total - Scientific and Technical Center Jean Féger

As a Project Manager in Total, I lead the development of geosciences applications. I define project requirement, write specifications, estimate cost, supervise realization, supervise and report progress in terms of quality, expense, and planning. The projects I manage are middle sized projects; each of them involving 3 to 4 developers for a period going from 6 months to 3 years. Most of them are developed by contractors; critical ones involving strategic technological assets are internally developed.


To quantify subsurface uncertainties in Exploration & Production, Total developped a tool suite: Alea for structural uncertainties, Jacta for geologic uncertainties, and EST for dynamic uncertainties. Est deals with design of experiments, portfolio of designs (Factorial, Plackett-Burman, D-optimal, CCF etc.), data preprocessing and import of reservoir simulator results, results analysis, model computing.

DeltaStack 3D

DeltaStack 3D is based on an automatic 3D velocity picking tool. It consists in the determination of an NMO correction in a (time, curvature) domain. It provides 3D high density velocity analysis at each bin location. The high resolution means that the time resolution is designed to optimal size according to the available bandwidth. This software allows a fully automatic velocity picking and the human input is limited to the definition of propagation constraints on a seed line. DeltaStack 3D has a complex software architecture relying on HPC clusters and an optimized database. It is build on 4 programing languages, shell scripts, and SQL.

Geostatistic Plugins for Petrel

Petrel is a Schlumberger application intended to aggregate oil reservoir data from multiple sources. It allows the user to interpret seismic data, perform well correlation, build reservoir models suitable for simulation, submit and visualize simulation results, calculate volumes, produce maps and design development strategies to maximize reservoir exploitation.
The Ocean application development framework enables R&D teams and independent software vendors to write specialized software plug-ins that interoperate with Petrel software. We are integrating a proprietary library to enable Petrel with advanced geostatistic abilities.


VisuPEM is a software that allows geophysicists to illustrate the potential sensibility of Angle-versus-Offset attributes to fluids in specific geologic contexts for which elastic behavior has been modelised thanks to well logging.


The Centre Scientifique et Technique Jean Féger (CSTJF) is one of the world’s premier integrated petroleum engineering and research centers. Home to the full range of Total’s Exploration & Production expertise, it provides ongoing technical support for E&P subsidiaries worldwide, while also setting its sights on conquering new oil and gas frontiers.

I am working in the Research & Scientific Computing group of the Information System for Petroleum division.